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Aeronworks is a website soley dedicated to the Herman Millaer Aeron chair.

We carry a large stock of new and refurbished parts to fit the 3 different sizes of chair.

Usually we can supply parts within a matter of days not weeks and can even fit if needed.

Some of the parts you may be looking for are for the following reasons


  • Gas lift replacement.
  • Tightening of loose arms.
  • Replacement or repair of tilt forward/back and lift buttons.
  • Replacement or sometimes repair of seat pan or seat back.
  • Replacement or repair of Arms Vinyl, fabric or leather.
  • Replacement castors hardwood floors etc:
  • Repair tilt mechanism.
  • Base refurbishment and cleaning.
  • Cleaning of body work to remove excessive marks.

We are located in Central London and close to the City of London and the West end. We operate within the M25 but can go further if needed.

Please get in contact if you would like a quote or just some advice with your Aeron.


Screws / Bolts:


Seat backs:

Seat pans:


Lumbar supports:


Gas lifts: